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here at last! - "Stick to Canes" Part 1 & 2 out now on DVD

In the early 1990's we produced two video tapes illustrating over two hundred and thirty fine quality antique canes, with the view of sharing knowledge in the subject by showing some of the highest quality items to be found by the collector of today.

“Sticks to Canes - Part One” we cover the earlier period from 1550 to 1840 and includes a group of the early ivory pique canes, similar period early silver ones, ornate gold examples, a group with early porcelain handles, a few historical items including a cane belonging to Lord Byron and another of Napoleon III. On show to be viewed also are some early system canes including a magnificent Admiral’s telescope cane by Elliot, London, with its shaving set, lamp, writing implements, drawing tools and wax candle; a group of watches, some early flintlock gun canes made by Klett and Jones, and a few of the earliest sword canes produced. There is a selection of early musical items including violins, clarinets, flutes etc. Among other rarities are three nutcracker canes and a Martin microscope, complete with original it’s slides.

“Sticks to Canes - Part Two” we cover the main period for the collector of today, from approximately the 1840’s and ending with the era including the world war of 1914. In this section can be found a group of fine Marine whalebones including architectural examples, a group of fine ivories, cased gold mounted tortoiseshells, medical items including hearing aids, a group of amusing wood and ivory articulated animal heads and many system canes including watches, sword and gun canes, a large selection of mainly silver cigarette, pipe, lighter and snuff canes. There is also a group of Faberge canes and handles from his St Petersburg and Moscow workshops, Folk Art items and many more unusual pieces.

By revising this project into a DVD we bow to the march of technological progress and hope that the collector of today will gain some further insight and that future collectors will be inspired to start collections in this fascinating subject.

The duration is for Part 1 1:37 and for Part 2 1:44, and the DVD is available in both European and American formats, professionally filmed and recorded - priced at £20.00 each film